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Kinzie Speyer, CFRE Kinzie Speyer,
Alumni and Development Director
Kinzie Speyer
831-728-1481 x 1222

Hail MBA Alums!

Lately, I have been honed in on the word “intangible” when attempting to convey to others what an education at Monterey Bay Academy really means. What is the take-away after investing in your child’s or grandchild’s education? What is the take-away that comforts or makes-up for the time you’ve spent away from your child or the child from their parents?

Are our teachers more qualified or more exceptional than other teachers in private or public schools? With certainty, I can say they are qualified by their degrees and subject endorsements. That is required for employment.

However, beyond the classroom, what makes MBA worth the dollars?

In six years of getting to know you, the alumni, I have realized it is the “intangibles” that you wish to chat about. The dictionary defines intangibles as those things that are not defined by the sense of touch; immaterial things. It’s those things that you struggle to find the right word or words that accurately describe your experience. Here are some situations that you have mentioned to me:

  • About English teacher Mike Motler – “he pushed, prodded, and made us think at levels never before considered in my life.”
  • “I had peers who valued studying and were models for me in their seriousness about their studies. That formed the foundation for my success in graduate school.
  • “I knew nothing about how to ask a girl for a date or how to escort her from the dorm. The deans and faculty taught me the etiquette I needed to know - instilling confidence -rather than me being petrified.”
  • “I consider my MBA experience in every way possible to have been an extension of my parents, providing the foundation (outside of my parents) that led to my success. There was just enough structure – just enough autonomy.”
  • “MBA challenged me to think about who I was and what I wanted to become.
  • “MBA had a much deeper impact on my life than my college years. I made more critical life decisions while at MBA.”
  • “When I think of MBA, I think of the environment of love and family. Incredible memories!”
  • “This is where we were challenged to learn for ourselves what the Bible says, what we personally choose to believe – that we can’t get through life on the coattails of our parents and what they chose to believe. We were encouraged and led to our own personal relationship with Christ.”
These are just a few comments I have taken from interviews, phone calls, over-dinner-chats. Granted, as in all situations throughout life, some had better experiences than others. However, I rarely hear that it was NOT worth every penny and every sacrifice by parents and students alike to be Where Land and Sea Unite to Inspire.

Not only am I here to serve you, but also the future alumni of this unique acreage. It’s my privilege. Thank you for all you do! Be blessed.

Happy to Be Serving You,

Kinzie Speyer


P.S. Alumni Weekend is ALWAYS the fourth weekend of April. This year: April 23-26, 2020