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Alumni Association


We're here to help serve your interests, to gather feedback from you about how the school is doing, and to help you keep in touch with your friends.

Historically, the Alumni Association has focused on raising funds. Please review the ways you can give to Monterey Bay Academy.

The Alumni Association serves as your voice to the school. Please contact any of the Alumni Board members with comments, concerns, or ideas that you may have about the school. Please use the email addresses below to let us know what we can do to improve your relationship with MBA.

Board of Directors

Bruce Evans, President, Class of 1974
Currently Unfilled, Vice President
Joshua Rosado, Faculty Rep, Former Faculty

Additional Directors
Enga (Dirksen) Almeida, Class of 1969
Traci (Wareham) Follett, Class of 1993
Darlene Grunke, Association Member
Luis Macario, Class of 1986
Jerry Nelson, Class of 1982

Ex-Officio Members
Kinzie Speyer, MBA Director of Alumni Activities
Jeff Deming, MBA Principal
Efrain Murrillo, MBA Vice Principal of Finance
Current Senior Class President

Gail (Hunt) Estey, Class of 1958
Leslie Goodwin, Former Faculty
Virginia Goodwin, Former Faculty

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Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Recipients

The MBA Alumni Association Board voted this award to be given at each annual Alumni Weekend. The first award was given in February 1995 and has been given each year since. The intent of the award is to recognize alumni or former faculty/staff for their involvement and volunteer contributions to Monterey Bay Academy, their church, their community or a mission project.

Linda Becker - 2018 Alumna of the Year 2019 Alumna of the Year
someone, Class of 1968

Introduction of Recipient
"Linda (Wright) Becker '68 has dedicated her life to serving students in Adventist educational institutions across . . .”
Continue reading … (PDF document)


someone - 2019 Alumnus of the Year 2019 Alumnus of the Year
someone, Class of 1978

Introduction of Recipient
"MBA is delighted to have Elder Jose Rojas as our guest speaker for the . . .”
Continue reading … (PDF document)



2018 Linda (Wright) Becker Class of 1968 [ Introduction ]
2018 Jose Rojas Class of 1978 [ Introduction ]
2017 Carolyn (Slepnikoff) Lacy Class of 1952 [ Introduction ]
2017 Scott Reiner Class of 1982 [ Introduction ]
2016 Debbi (Webb) Curry Class of 1982 [ Introduction ]
2016 Michael Davidson Class of 1986 [ Introduction ]
2015 Donna Teale Class of 1959 [ Introduction ]
2015 Tom Seibly Class of 1955 [ Introduction ]
2014 Shana (Plumlee) Ruggenberg '80 Class of 1980 [ Introduction ]
2014 Bill Keresoma Class of 1970 [ Introduction ]
2013 Felicia (Levere) Phillips Class of 1961 [ Introduction ]
2013 Robert Mendenhall Class of 1963 [ Introduction ]
2012 Mindy Schwarz Class of 1985 [ Introduction ]
2012 Jay Ketelsen Class of 1976 [ Introduction ]
2011 Gayle Ocheltree Class of 1971 [ Introduction ]
2011 Jake Scheideman Class of 1986 [ Introduction ]
2010 Scott Nelson Class of 1988 [ Introduction ]
2009 Joseph L. Wheeler Class of 1954 [ Introduction ]
2008 Regina Hoover Jett Class of 1972
2007 Gary Soderstrom Class of 1958
2006 Milton Wheeler Class of 1956
2005 Richard Osborn Class of 1965
2004 Carol Moore Class of 1958
2003 Stuart Tyner Class of 1963
2002 Bob Butler Class of 1952
2001 Jacob Chang Class of 1951
2000 Leal V. Grunke Posthumus - Founder of Monterey Bay Academy
1999 J. Fred Speyer MBA Church Pastor and teacher 1968-1988
1998 Clyde Morgan Class of 1968 and Founder of Adventist Frontier Mission
1997 Ramona Richli Clark Class of 1957
1996 Gail Hunt Estey Class of 1958 and MBA school nurse
1995 David Bieber Former Principal 1950-1957

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Hall of Faith Inductees

Hall of Faith Inductee 2018 MBA Hall of Faith Inductee
Jay Bietz

Introduction of Recipient
“Jay Bietz came to Monterey Bay Academy in the fall of 1978—fresh our of college. The skills Jay had . . .”
Continue reading … (PDF document)

2018 Jay Bietz - Former Faculty/Staff [Introduction]
2017 Jim & Jeanett Genn - Former Faculty/Staff [Introduction]
2017 Earl & Melva Wright - Former Faculty[Introduction]
2016 John & Marge Eggers - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2016 Fred & Arlene Webb - Former Faculty[Introduction]
2015 Roger and Judy Anderson - Former Faculty
2014 Verle Betts - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2014 Romona (Richli) Clark - Class of '57 [Introduction]
2014 Jim Grossman - Lifelong Volunteer [Introduction]
2014 Clay Maddox - Lifelong Volunteer [Introduction]
2013 Kathy Hixson - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2013 Jon M. Speyer - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2013 Keith & Aloha Wheeler - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2012 Leslie & Virginia Goodwin - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2012 Phyllis & Rick Regester - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2012 Fred & Arladell Speyer - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2012 Harvey Voth - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2012 Steve Walls - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2011 Robert & Betty Baerg - Former Faculty [Introduction]
2000 Leal V. Grunke Posthumus - Founder of Monterey Bay Academy

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Faculty Member of the Year

The Monterey Bay Academy Alumni Association has recognized a Faculty Member of the Year since 1994.  The 20 people selected since then were recognized for their service and dedication to the students and to their fellow colleagues, demonstrating a commitment to Monterey Bay Academy, and for communicating the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to others.

Faculty of the Year 2017 Bob Nobuhara, Current Faculty

The Monterey Bay Academy Alumni Association has recognized a Faculty Member of the Year since 1994. The 23 people selected since then . . . continue reading … (PDF document)

2016 Nathan Henderson, Former Dean and Alumni
2015 Tim Zytkoskee, Current Faculty
2014 Kristian Luekert, Former Faculty
2013 Jon M Speyer, Former Faculty
2012 Ruth Nobuhara, Former Staff
2011 Jeff Deming, Current Faculty
2010 Joshua Rivera, Former Faculty
2009 Scott Henderson, Former Staff
2008 Kirsten (Weber) Roggenkamp, Former Faculty
2007 Tim Zytkoskee, Current Faculty
2006 Mike Thomas, Former Faculty
2005 Tim Kubrock, Former Faculty
2004 Bonnie Carter, Former Faculty
2003 Jason Mustard, Former Faculty
2002 Samuel Kaligithi, Former Faculty
2001 Sheri (Ballard) Hanser, Former Faculty
2000 Steve Walls, Former Faculty/Current Volunteer
1999 Jon Speyer ('76), Former Faculty
1998 Arladell Nelson-Speyer, Former Faculty
1997 Evelyn Mariani, Former Faculty
1996 Emma Jean Bowes ('60), Former Faculty
1995 William Keresoma ('70), Former Faculty
1994 Gail Estey ('58)

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