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As part of our services to MBA alums, we have compiled a list of email addresses from alumni, attendees, and former faculty and staff.

If you do not find your own name on this list, or need to update your information, please use this form. We do our best to update this list as information becomes available, but it may take a few weeks due to the daily responsibilities of running a school.

In addition to being added to this directory, your information will be added to our on-site database and you will automatically be signed up to receive the monthly e-publication Waves Gone By.

Please note that the information listed below is provided as-is, is password protected BUT is not guarenteed to be protected from spam.

MBA Staff
Adams, Bill and Judee
Ahlberg, Clifford
Baerg, Bob & Betty [1966-2004]
(Baker) Thygeson, Beverly
(Ballard) Hansen, Sheri
Bietz, Jay
(Bowers) Vigil, Linda [1981-1986]
Bray, Laura [1980-1983]
Cabreira, Kent
Cadavero, Richard
Chalmers, Carleen
Chavis, John and Paulette [1972-1973]
Collins, Eunice
(Coon) Shreyer, Joy [1958-1959]
(Cyphers) Langham, Gwen
Donesky, Robert
Eagan, Paul
Fessenden, Luke [1966-1968]
Fox, Alex
(Fox) Jue, Rachel
Garber, Bill
Goodwin, Leslie and Virginia
Gueck, Tammy
(Helmer) Sypher, Mary
(Henkelmann) Wymer, Carleen
(Hollenbeck) Stevens, Lois J.
Hoskins, Standish [thru David Hoskins]
Howlett, R. H.
(Huset) Anderson, Stephanie [1988-1989]
Jarrett, Bill
Johnson, Lynn
Johnson, Mark and Carol
Jorgensen, Marilyn
(Jungling) Sica, Naomi [1958-1968]
Kohler, Kevin
(Kuester) Purdey, Dorothy
Langham, Leroy and Gwen
(Lucas ) Rolls, Ruth
McElwain, O. D. and Juanita
Miyagi, Al
Morris, Mark
Mottler, Michael
Nelson, Arladell [1968-1998]
Olmsted, Malcolm
Parker, Brandon and Heidi
(Powers) Powers-Perham, Pattie
Regester, Rick and Phyllis
Reynolds, Paul
Richards, Jeff
Rolls, Ruth [1968-1972]
Rosado, Josué [1970-1981]
Rouse, David
Roy, Rick
Speyer, Fred
Sprengel, Merton
(Starbuck) Provonsha, Kathi
Steinman, Brenda
Strickland, John
(Syphrett) VanDivier, Jan
Toop, Judy
Torres, Val
Webb, Arlene [1972-1984]
Webb, Fred L. [1972-1984]
Wedel, Dorothy and Orville
(Weiss) Mariani, Evelyn
Wheeler, Keith
White, Gerald
Winn, Ted
Wisdom, Robert
(Yates) Schroeder, Sheila