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Give Online

Dear Friend or MBA Supporter,

Financial aid for students, chairs for the cafeteria, student missions and outreach—these are just some of the ways your gift can be put to use at Monterey Bay Academy. Thanks to you, we're able to continue giving our students a quality Christian education.

Now, giving is made even easier through online giving!

Online giving is a safe, easy, and convenient way to support MBA. By giving online, you can rest assured that your gift will go to where it's most needed, faster.

You can also send a check through the mail to:

Monterey Bay Academy, 783 San Andreas Road, La Selva Beach, CA 95076

Whichever way you choose to send your gift—large or small—we still offer our heartfelt thanks for your support!

Happy to be Serving You,


Kinzie Speyer

Kinzie Speyer

Alumni Office Director

Contributions play a critical role in Monterey Bay Academy's financial and operational plan. We are grateful that throughout its 60 plus year history many thousands of dollars have been donated to the school by alumni and friends of MBA. These gifts from the heart have continued to provide necessary upgrades, student financial assistance, and enhanced programming that maintain the Christ-centered education we offer at MBA with the most unique and special location to be found anywhere.

You, too, can be involved at MBA by giving your time, money, and gifts in kind (as described below). In addition, gifts are often considered tax deductible. Estate gifts are also a way to remember MBA.

Types of Giving to MBA

Alumni Volunteers
  • Money – Cash, stocks, bonds
  • In-Kind – Gifts-in-kind often benefit the school program if they are items we can utilize. These items need to be operable and in good condition. Please contact the Alumni/Development Office if you have an item you are considering gifting to MBA.
  • Volunteers – Our volunteers are invaluable, saving MBA dollars as well as increasing our work force to accomplish great things. If you wish to volunteer for MBA in some capacity, please contact the Alumni/Development office.
    The spirit of voluntarism is deeply ingrained in us as a nation… The American people understand that there are no substitutes for gifts of service given from the heart. — Former President Ronald Reagan
  • Estate Gifts
    1. Wills and Revocable Trusts – Add a line to your will to remember MBA
    2. Real Estate – Gift a portion or all of a property to MBA. The most flexible tax planning gift with many options.
    3. Life Insurance – Name MBA as a beneficiary or assign the policy to MBA to reduce estate taxes.
    4. IRAs – Giving to MBA through your individual retirement accounts can reduce amount due in estate tax and leave more to the estate.
    5. Charitable Remainder Trust – An investment for yourself and MBA that comes with a tax break. Give to MBA and still collect income for yourself or for your heirs.
    6. Charitable Gift Annuity – A gift that returns a guaranteed life income �?? and part of it is tax-free. Give to MBA and receive a guaranteed income in exchange.
    7. Charitable Lead Trust – Transfer property to heirs and reduce gift tax. Give to MBA for a set period of time and reduce future appreciation liabilities for your heirs.

Giving Opportunities at MBA

MBA Students You may wish to contribute to any of the funds listed below –or– if you wish to establish a fund for a particular project not listed, please contact the MBA Alumni and Development Office.

The MBA Fund
An unrestricted gift that can be used in a variety of ways, however, typically used where needed most.

Student Aid
This gift will go to work immediately to a ssist MBA students. Each year,at least one quarter of the student body is in need of financial assistance in order to attend MBA. The goal for this year is $200,000. Our enrollment remains steady due to our faithful and generous supporters. MBA's Student Aid Fund is used for the following programs:
  1. SAFE (Student Aid for Education) This is a four-way matching program of $2,000 each between a sponsoring church , the parent, the student's on-campus employment, and MBA.
  2. Central California Conference 3-way Match The sponsoring church, the CCC, and MBA create a 3-way match of $300 each.
  3. General Aid Donated funds are voted to a student's account by the Student Finance Committee upon careful review of each student's financial situation.
Capital Improvements
Gifts to improve the plant facilities will keep MBA thriving for years to come. Although we are challenged by county restrictions in building new buildings, the MBA we know can be renovated and revitalized. The success of the Matching the Promise Campaign in 2005-06 provided $1.2 million dollars toward our capital needs some of which resulted in a totally renovated, state-of-the-art math/science building.

Current Capital Improvement Needs
  1. Girls’ Dormitory
  2. Boys’ Dormitory
  3. Math-science classroom furnishings
  4. Guest housing
  5. Faculty housing
  6. Other buildings
  7. Vehicles
  8. Equipment
MBA Endowment Fund
Endowed gifts to the academy will be invested and managed according to the policies of the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the Pacific Union Conference. Distributions from the endowments are derived from the earned interest income from the principal amount. Endowments can be specified as to scholarships, facility maintenance, educational subject, and other areas or to the general endowment. If you need assistance in making your gift or if you wish to establish a named endowment, please contact the MBA Alumni/Development Office. For a list of the specific scholarships, see "Scholarships."

Alumni Endowment Fund
MBA Missions The Monterey Bay Academy Alumni Endowment Fund is a separate-from-MBA non-profit corporation established a number of years ago by members of the MBA Alumni Association to promote and stimulate interest in Seventh-day Adventist Christian education at Monterey Bay Academy. The Endowment Board consists of professional financial advisors and investors who invest and manage the Endowment Fund. Distributions from the endowments are derived from the earned interest income from the principal amount. Endowments can be specified as to scholarships, facility maintenance, educational subjec t, and other areas or to the general endowment.

Gifts to this endowment should be sent to:
MBA Alumni Endowment, Inc.
c/o Clay Maddox, Treasurer
80 S. Forest Road
Sonora, CA 95370

For more information, you may contact Clay Maddox via email or call 209-532-1441.

Endowed scholarships have been established to award students for their achievement and/or assist with student finances based on the criteria set by the scholarship originator. Gifts can be made to a specific scholarship or award as listed. For more information regarding MBA Scholarships, contact the MBA Alumni and Development Office at 831-728-1481 x 1222. For more information regarding MBA Alumni Endowment Scholarships, contact the Alumni Endowment, Inc. treasurer, Clay Maddox, at 209-532-1441.

MBA Scholarships
  • MBA Endowment Fund General Scholarship Fund – Student Scholarships
  • Danette Butler Memorial Scholarship 1985 MBA Alumna
  • Class of 1959 Scholarship Award
  • Class of 1961 Scholarship Award
  • Class of 1979 Scholarship Award
  • Leslie Goodwin History Scholarship Faculty 1962-1996
  • Bill Keresoma Scholarship 1970 MBA Alumnus and Ninth Principal of MBA
  • Mack Miller Memorial Scholarship 1976 MBA Alumnus
  • Arladell Nelson Music Scholarship Faculty 1968-1998
  • Josue Andres Rosado Memorial Scholarship 1991 MBA Alumnus
  • Kathleen Gaskell Schmunk Memorial Scholarship 1966 MBA Alumna
  • Jon M Speyer Memorial Scholarship 1975 MBA Alumnus
  • Walter Tupper Memorial Scholarship 1986 MBA Alumnus
  • Harvey Voth Memorial Scholarship Sixth and longest serving Principal of MBA
  • Connie Wheeler Oceanaire Scholarship 1958 MBA Alumna
  • Eric Wolfe Memorial Scholarship 1980 MBA Alumnus
Monterey Bay Academy Alumni Endowment Fund Scholarships
  • Verle D. Betts Memorial Music Scholarship Former MBA Music Teacher
  • David J. Bieber Memorial Scholarship First Principal of MBA – Student Scholarships
  • Leal V. Grunke Leadership Scholarship Founder of MBA – Student Scholarships
  • The Howlett Family Scholarship Second Principal of MBA – Student Scholarships
  • Lillith Newball Richli Memorial Endowment Ramona (Richli) Clark, 1957 MBA Alumna, In memory of her mother – Teacher professional growth expense assistance
  • Turpen Family Leadership Scholarship – Student Scholarships
  • Baerg Endowment – For Math/Chemistry/Physics Improvements to Remain Cutting Edge
  • Alumni Endowment Fund General Scholarships – Student Scholarships
Westwinds/Oceanaires Tour
MBA Students Westwinds and Oceanaires are MBA's select music touring groups. These groups travel throughout the Central California Conference during the school year performing for other schools, churches, and organizations. An extended tour is planned once a year and has included destin ations such as Canada, Hawaii, the east coast, the northwest and others. Each student is responsible to help raise the funds for the extended tour. Your gift will be of tremendous assistance and greatly appreciated.

Mission Trip
Each year, MBA embarks on a mission trip to various destinations around the world. The purpose of the trip is to provide evangelism and team work training to our students in addition to letting others around the world know about the God we love and serve. Our mission trips typically include a building project as well as a Vacation Bible School for the little children. Your gift to the mission trip fund will help with construction costs, VBS materials, and transportation to the project.