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MBA 60 Year Anniversary

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60th Anniversary

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From the Editor

Success: The Definition

MBA Sand Games
Graduation, 2008

I’m guessing your mailbox lately is looking similar to mine – everyday there are more graduation announcements and wedding invitations. ’Tis the season I suppose. So I started thinking about these events and what summarizes my response to them. I decided it was—success.

Ultimately, we wish for future success to the graduates in their careers and the brides and grooms in their marriages. Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Frankly, I haven’t seen any cards at the Hallmark store with sentiments expressed quite that way, but Churchill makes an excellent point. It is through our failures and how we handle them (apparently with needed enthusiasm) that leads us to success in life.

Now, I am the first to admit that this is a tall order. However, in my growing wisdom, and obviously due to my own failures, I have fortunately experienced success in career and marriage. Plus I consider myself a pretty enthusiastic person about life in general. That earned wisdom though has taught me that life is difficult at times. It’s hard to be enthusiastic when life gets tough. The key is to get up and get going again with a positive outlook. Therein lies success.

So, my greatest wish to all those who have helped fill my mailbox this month and the 56 seniors who will march up the grassy knoll at MBA as the newest alumni on May 31, is “Much success in all you do—keep the enthusiasm!”

Happy to be Serving You —

P.S. We're adding one more “column,” if you will, to our monthly newsletter. On The Road Again: Visits with MBA Alums will appear several times a year as the result of my road trips on behalf of MBA. I love to stop by and visit with you when I'm in your neighborhood. This month I caught up with Arleen (Walker) Johns, Class of 1969, in Pennsylvania. Enjoy! I sure did!

Where Land and Sea Unite to Inspire  (Quote of the Month)

“There are no secrets to success: don’t waste time looking for them. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence …” — Colin Powell, Former Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff

MBA Trivia Contest

Question for May 2009
Who wrote the lyrics to the MBA school song and who wrote the music?  Click on the graphic below for a larger view .

May Trivia

MBA School Song: Hail! MBA

Answer to April Trivia Question

Q: What is the official name of the MBA library and how was that name derived?
A: Hoskins Memorial Library According to the April 1954 issue of The Helm, “The plaque for the library was presented by Elder E.F. Heim, Educational Secretary for the Conference and was received by the Principal D.J. Bieber. The library was dedicated in honor of the late Elder Standish Hoskins, who acted as principal when the school first started.”

April Trivia

Library: Before and Now

Winner: Keriann (Hoskins) Davidson, Class of 2000, correctly stated the name of the library. She went on to add, “It was named after my grandpa, Standish Hoskins, the first acting principal of MBA. He passed away at the age of 32 of an embolism resulting from a heart attack while away on a recruiting trip during the summer after the school first opened.”

Contest Details

The 15th Call

GolfOn Christmas Eve 1939, a 25-year-old Geoffrey E. MacPherson was working in a cramped, rented office in the center of Nottingham, England. It was almost 10 p.m., but he had more important things to occupy his mind than the lateness of the hour.

A year earlier, he had started his own one-person business, selling yarn to the city’s textile industry, yet the big orders on which he had staked his future had so far eluded him. To make matters worse, World War II had started in September, so trade threatened to become even more difficult in the months ahead.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. A major United Kingdom textile manufacturer was trying to place an urgent order for a year—in bulk. Telephone calls to 14 well-known suppliers had already gone unanswered, the staff having long departed for their Christmas holidays.

At their 15th attempt, their call had been answered by a virtually unknown yarn supplier in Nottingham! Moreover, the young man on the other end of the line was showing himself to be only too willing to meet their critical deadline. The yarn was delivered on time, and from that day the small Nottingham agency became their main supplier. It proved to be the major turning point in the young man’s fortunes. By the end of the 1940s, he had diversified into textile machinery, and by the late 1980s, Geoffrey E. MacPherson Ltd. was among the top 100 private exporting companies in the U.K.

Mr. MacPherson remains the chairman of the company he founded over 50 years ago, and he can still be found at his desk most weekends. Few salespeople will argue with him when he asks them to travel to a distant sales area on a Sunday, or to work at an exhibition stand into the middle evening. They all know the story of the big order that arrived late on Christmas Eve!

More of…The Best of Bits and Pieces published by The Economics Press, Inc.

On The Road Again: Visits With MBA Alums

Arlene and Wayne Johns

Arleen (Walker) Johns, '69, and her husband, Wayne, live in Leesport, Pennsylvania. They own and operate their own nearby therapy facility. Arleen is an occupational therapist and Wayne, a graduate of Blue Mountain Academy, is a physical therapist. The Johns met while in graduate school in Loma Linda, CA and have been partners ever since, both personally and professionally. The Johns' returned to MBA for Arleen's 30-year reunion in April and I had the pleasure of visting with them in their home on a trip to Pennsylvania that I made soon after. Thanks Wayne and Arleen for our rainy afternoon together in the coziness of your living room. It was great fun!

Humor: a keen perception of the ludicrous

The Usher
An elderly woman walked into the local country church. The friendly usher greeted her at the door and helped her up the flight of steps, “Where would you like to sit?” he asked politely.

“The front row please,” she answered. “You really don’t want to do that,” the usher said. “The pastor is really boring.” “Do you happen to know who I am?” the woman inquired. “No,” he said … “I’m the pastor’s mother,” she replied indignantly. “Do you know who I am?” he asked. “No,” she said. “Good,” he answered.

Ten Commandments
A Sabbath School teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to ‘honor’ thy Father and the Mother, she asked, “Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?”

Without missing a beat one little boy (the oldest of a family) answered, “Thou shall not kill.”

News Notes

MBA Sand Games
Graduation, Circa 1960s
  • Interesting Fact Over 15% of our current student body are 2nd and 3rd generation MBA-ites.
  • Honor Class Photos are now available online from Alumni Weekend 2009 for viewing or printing. (All classes ending in a 4 or a 9)
  • Invitation Reception hosted by Alumni Association to welcome the Senior Class of 2009 into the Alumni Association. Thursday, May 28 from 7:00-8:00p in the MBA Cafeteria. Refreshments served. RSVP to or 831.728.1481 x 1222. (We need a minimum of 56 alums to the 56 graduating seniors.) Hope to see you then!
  • Alumnus of the Year Congratulations to Dr. Joe Wheeler, Class of 1954, upon his selection as MBA's 2009 Alumnus of the Year. Read more about Dr. Wheeler online at
  • Teacher of Excellence Cheri Gregory, wife of Daniel Gregory ’85, and MBA English instructor, was recently named as a Teacher of Excellence by the Adventist Alumni Awards Foundation. This is the 7th year in a row that a MBA teacher has been selected from across the North American Division.
  • Graduation May 29-31, 2009. The speakers are: Consecration—Cheri Gregory, MBA English instructor; Baccalaureate—Tim Zytkoskee, MBA History instructor; Commencement—Pastor Benjamin Lundquist, pastor at the Camelback Church in Phoenix.

MBA’s Top 60 List

MBA 60 Year AnniversaryHere are a few of our current entries:

  • Working in the old laundry (located in one of the army barracks) and starching the boys' jeans and their undershorts.
  • Our senior trip to San Francisco - we got to sit with our boyfriends on the bus!
  • Boys Club trip to Yosemite - five of us pushed our bicycles up to the top of Glacier Point, then rode them back down the horse trail. On the third switchback, I went off the trail and fell about 30 ft down the cliff. Obviously I lived to tell about it!
  • Mrs. Sheets fresh baked breads and fresh strawberry pies!
  • Girls dorm on Friday nights - a girls trio would sing up and down the hallways after lights out. What a way to start the Sabbath!

Send in your favorite memory and add it to our Top 60 list in celebration of MBA’s 60th Anniversary.


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